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Sports Massage & Personal Training

I am proud to offer sports massage therapy and personal training services to meet the needs of adults and seniors. I specialise in providing personalised, rehabilitative massage and personal training for weight loss, muscle gain and general fitness.

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Personal Training

Personal training is tailored to your needs and abilities. I work closely with you to help you improve your goals and gain a healthier body and mind.
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Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is a hands-on treatment that involves manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort and muscle spasm.
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About Me



Hello, I’m Dwayne. I am very passionate when it comes to training and collecting results for anybody wanting to achieve their fitness goals. I work with many diverse clients that have different types of goals whether it be improving their strength, muscle tone fitness, weight loss, muscle gain and mental wellbeing levels.

I collect as much data on clients as possible along with taking before and after images to show true change on individuals. I also know that nutrition plays a huge part (70%) in our training and can offer good nutrition guidance to help shift any bad habits you may want to leave behind you. I provide safe and motivational training packages to suit everybody and aim to get you the results you desire, injury free.

I also possess a level 3 and 4 diploma in Sports and Clinical Massage Therapy, whether you are mentally or physically stressed I provide outstanding treatments to get you back to your 100%. Massage plays another huge part of our health and wellbeing as when we work our bodies out through everyday living and at the gym recovery periods are just as important and depending on how many times a week you attend the gym massage therapy can help your body reach your goals. Why? Because it improves blood circulation, repairs muscles preventing post-gym muscle pain, releases built up toxins in the body and lots more.

Personal Training

  • Training plans
  • Deep Tissue / Sports Massage Therapy
  • Clinical Massage Therapy
  • Basic Self defence
  • Body Toning
  • Circuit Training
  • Muscle development and Building
  • Cross Training
  • Fitness and Strength expansion

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    Personalised Treatment

    You will receive personalised, courteous treatment

    Fully Licensed

    I'm fully certified in personal training & sports massage

    Meet Your Goals

    I set SMART goals for successful outcomes Whether you require personal training for weight loss, or deep tissue massage for recovery or injury, I'll help you optimise your health.
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